Smart Services

Peace of mind begins with cost predictability. With Smart Services cost-per-flight-hour offerings, join a community of owners and operators that benefit from OEM maintenance cost protection.

The program that started it all

The new Smart Services cost per-flight-hour offerings are more inclusive than ever before and provide the flexibility to tailor your cost coverage according to your operational needs.

Smart Parts

Smart Parts*

Cost coverage begins by enrolling in your choice of programs built upon our legendary Smart Parts* program.  With Smart Parts*, Smart Parts* Plus* or Smart Parts* Preferred*, you will benefit from extensive cost coverage on air-frame system for Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft1.  Then choose additional options catered to your needs; landing gear overhaul, cabin system components, scheduled labour, unscheduled labour related to part removals from normal operations and APU parts and labor for Global 7500.

Our cost-per-flight-hour programs with no upfront enrollment or management fees and simple monthly billing allows you to budget for the expected and the unexpected on new and in-service aircraft with up to 25-years of service2.

*Trademark of Bombardier Inc.

Landing gear

Landing Gear Overhaul

This option provides cost coverage for the complete overhaul of landing gear assemblies and actuators when work is completed or facilitated by Bombardier. It includes:

  • All landing gear components
  • Main and nose gear fittings and axles
  • Landing gear actuators
  • Overhaul labour

Cabin System Components

This option provides cost coverage for cabin systems components, including:

  • Cabin communication
  • Audio/video monitors
  • Interior and emergency lighting
  • Water and lavatory systems
  • Passenger oxygen system
schedule labour

Scheduled Labour

From minor inspections to major checks, this option provides cost coverage for scheduled labour required to perform airframe inspection tasks per Time Limits Maintenance Checks (TLMC) and Supplemental Time Limits Maintenance Checks (STLMC).

Unschedule Labour

Unscheduled Labour

This option provides cost coverage for the labour required to remove and install components covered under your tailored Smart Parts Preferred offering.

APU coverage

APU Coverage

This option provides comprehensive cost coverage for the Global 7500 APU. It includes:

  • Parts and Labout for APU maintenance including overhaul
  • Line Replaceable Units (LRU) services
  • Scheduled Life Limited Part (LLP) exchange or replacement
  • Alert and recommended service bulletin incorporation coverage (material & labour)

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: Depending on the chosen program and aircraft model.
: Ask for program availability details and optional cost coverage for your aircraft.