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Set your sights on innovation you can count on with our Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft.

  • Learjet 75 Liberty

    Learjet 75 Liberty

    The new Learjet 75 Liberty redefines the iconic Learjet brand and features the segment’s first private Executive Suite. Harnessing American know-how and efficiency, the Learjet 75 Liberty offers more people the freedom to stretch out and step up into a Learjet.

    2080 nm 3852 km
    mach 0.81 860 KM/H
  • challenger350 side image

    Challenger 350

    You demanded excellence, so we designed an aircraft with a no-compromise approach that continues to define the super midsize category. That’s why the Challenger 350 aircraft is the best-selling business jet platform of the last decade.

    3200 nm 5926 km
    mach 0.83 882 KM/H
  • challenger650 side image

    Challenger 650

    Our best-selling large aircraft platform combines world-class interior design with the ultimate value proposition. Widest-in-class cabin, worldwide reach, and the lowest direct operating costs make the Challenger 650 aircraft the winning choice.

    4000 nm 7408 km
    mach 0.85 893 KM/H
  • challenger650 side image

    Global 5000

    As comfortable as your home office. As efficient as your staff. The Global 5000 aircraft truly has it all, because being on your way should never get in your way.

    5200 nm 9630 km
    mach 0.89 944 KM/H
  • Global 5500 side silhouette

    Global 5500

    Wide open living spaces, a luxurious interior and new engines combined with leading-edge wing technology on the Global 5500 business jet redefine comfort and performance.

    5900 nm 10927 km
    mach 0.90 956 KM/H
  • global6000 side image

    Global 6000

    The Global 6000 aircraft was designed to help you get things done – from conducting a business meeting to getting a good night’s sleep. Work, rest or play - it’s easy with a Global 6000 business jet.

    6000 nm 11112 km
    mach 0.89 944 KM/H
  • Global 6500 side silhouette

    Global 6500

    The Global 6500 aircraft will reshape your expectations and thrill your senses with a reimagined cabin, new engines and leading-edge wing technology for a heightened flight experience that is quintessentially Global.

    6600 nm 12223 km
    mach 0.90 956 KM/H
  • 7500 SIDE VIEW

    Global 7500

    The Global 7500 aircraft stands alone as the world’s largest and longest range business jet. Within its luxurious interior are four true living spaces, a full size kitchen and a dedicated crew suite. Elevate your flight experience and discover the uninhibited freedom and tailored luxury of the Global 7500 aircraft—a new class of business jet.

    7700 nm 14260 km
    mach 0.925 982 KM/H
  • global8000 side image

    Global 8000

    The Global 8000 business jet offers industry-leading range and a cabin with three individual suites thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort and productivity.

    7900 nm 14631 km
    mach 0.925 982 KM/H

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