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Women Who Fly

By Ève Laurier -

Bombardier’s commitment to diversity and inclusion drives positive change

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Ève Laurier

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  • Change Makers

    Change Makers

    By Valerie Silva - November 15th 2022

    Meet some of the innovative women making major strides in aviation at Bombardier.

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  • Full Speed Ahead
    Featured Aircraft

    Full Speed Ahead

    By Michael Stephen Johnson - November 15th 2022

    With unmatched speed and unprecedented range and comfort, Bombardier’s Global 8000 aircraft is an exciting new benchmark in business aviation.

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  • Crystal Vision

    Crystal Vision

    By Ève Laurier - November 15th 2022

    An interview with Diana Langes-Swarovski

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  • Ocean of Dreams

    Ocean of Dreams

    By Jeremy Freed - November 15th 2022

    Dutch yacht builder Oceanco brings dreams to life.

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  • Florentine Renaissance

    Florentine Renaissance

    By Shawna Cohen - November 15th 2022

    Exploring a new world in one of Italy’s oldest cities.

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  • New Mexico, Nouveau

    New Mexico, Nouveau

    By Amanda Lattrel Garrius - November 15th 2022

    An exploration of Santa Fe’s highly influential cuisine, fashion and art scene.

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  • Singapore Style

    Singapore Style

    By Charu Suri - November 15th 2022

    A tour of the jewel of Southeast Asia.

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  • Other Worlds

    Other Worlds

    By Luis-Enrique Arrazola - November 15th 2022

    The visual language of art duo Thukral and Tagra.

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