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Cabin Management Systems

Redefine your Challenger and Global aircraft’s in-flight experience with the next generation Cabin Management System (CMS).

Speed and simplicity at your fingertips.

Redefine your Challenger and Global aircraft’s in-flight experience with the next generation Cabin Management System (CMS). Designed to be ultra-fast, reliable, intuitive and flexible, users have access to more features at their fingertips than ever before.

When paired with Ka-band which offers the fastest internet connectivity available worldwide*, users can seamlessly stream and mirror content straight to high-definition monitors just like at home. Then you have the choice to build the system you want with additional scalable modules. Prepare the cabin for future upgrades and customize the system to your specific needs.

Ultra fast

Enjoy lightning-fast response time when you interact with the new Cabin Management System running throughout the cabin. It provides immediate access to your work or entertainment content, flight maps or cabin settings.  Go back and forth between reviewing a presentation for your next meeting and kicking back to watch movies in 1080 HD format and benefit from real-time HDMI distribution to any bulkhead monitor.


Access key cabin controls in a single click and navigate the new app to intuitively control the cabin. Thanks to a simplified layout and an improved iconography, changing the cabin settings or media selections is remarkably easy.


Discover a Cabin Management System as reliable as your Challenger or Global aircraft. The system’s robust design is based on a dependable architecture, which ensures it’s always up and running. The fiber optic ring network, which runs throughout the aircraft, has redundant paths to ensure the cabin management system achieves rock-solid reliability.


Compatible with both iOS and Android, you can pair up your favourite mobile device or console with ease. The new Cabin Management System allows you to customize your aircraft based on your needs and accommodates future technologies.

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*Excludes North and South Poles.