Women Who Fly

Bombardier’s commitment to diversity and inclusion drives positive change

Ève Laurier Vice President, Communications, Marketing & Public Affairs
Ève Laurier Vice President, Communications, Marketing & Public Affairs

Case in point: when we decided to shine the light on women in aviation through stories of some of the impressive female owners of our aircraft and our employees, it was difficult to only pick a few. So many deserve a giant spotlight on their accomplishments, for while it’s becoming easier for women to follow their dreams and ambitions, it certainly still takes extra effort and grit. This is especially true for women in leadership positions. As my colleague Jennifer Scotti says in our Change Makers feature story: we need more women in leadership, and we need to shout this from the rooftops.

I couldn’t agree more. And I’m thrilled that at Bombardier, we take this very seriously. We recently held a celebration for the graduates of an intensive program for women in leadership that fosters their ambition. And it’s working! It was wonderful to see their eyes light up during the ceremony, especially when our President and CEO Éric Martel told them that the future leader of Bombardier could very well be among them.

Understanding diversity and inclusion drives positive change. This is true for our company, which is celebrating its 80th birthday this year—an old company, sure, but bursting with youthful passion and enthusiasm of its diverse employees around the world! We also see this among our customers. I was lucky to interview two exceptional ones for our Crystal Vision and Leader of the Pack feature stories. Diana Langes-Swarovski graciously shared some of the lessons she lives by in life and business. I also spoke with Cathy Bissell, who is a beautiful example of what can be accomplished when your life’s calling, and your job are one and the same.

I hope that you will be inspired by reading about all the incredible stories we’ve worked on—which focus on fierce women who own our aircraft as well as my colleagues, who continue to make the private jet experience so memorable and rewarding. This includes jets such as the amazing Global 8000, our new flagship that we present in this issue. And as always, we looked for new locales, artists and brands worth discovering to remind you to take the time to enjoy the finer things and places around the world—because when joy is the driving force in our lives, everything is possible.


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