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Challenger 350 Aircraft Sets 10 City-pair Speed Records in Less than 24 Hours

Multicity tour in advance of the 2019 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) underscores reliability and productivity of the number one best-selling aircraft in its class.

Challenger 350 over Mountains

Ten cities. Ten speed records. In less than 24 hours, Bombardier’s Challenger 350 aircraft breezed through an ambitious 10-city tour between 10 of the top business aviation destinations in the United States and set city-pair speed records for each segment along the way. The cross-country mission began in Las Vegas and went on to Denver, Chicago, Teterboro, Washington, New York (White Plains), West Palm Beach, Houston, Dallas and Los Angeles, before ending back in Las Vegas. That’s over 5,600 nautical miles (10,371 kilometers) in only 20.5 hours (including ground time between missions). Just another day for the Challenger 350 aircraft.

While it’s hardly the first time the Challenger 350 aircraft has impressed with its speed, performance and exceptional reliability, the result of this record-setting multi-destination journey further demonstrates exactly why the Challenger 300 series accounts for more deliveries than any other business aircraft in the last decade. In fact, the 300th Challenger 350 aircraft was delivered last July, making it the fastest-selling business jet in history to reach that mark in the medium and large categories.

Bombardier knows that its customers spend hundreds of hours in the air every year. When business requires quick trips from city to city, sometimes multiple destinations in a single day, you need a reliable aircraft that will get you where you need to be exactly when you need to be there¾one that you can call upon time after time, even after consecutive missions, to get you to your appointments and then back home to your family.

The Challenger 350 makes travel not only efficient, but enjoyable: With class-leading speed and climb performance, it’s easy to handle, allowing for speedy turnarounds and a smooth experience for passengers and pilots alike. It’s also the only aircraft in its class to fly full range¾an impressive 3,200 nautical miles (5,926 kilometers)¾with full fuel and at full seating capacity. This means you and nine other passengers (a total of 10) can work efficiently and productively at 45,000 feet, thanks to a luxurious and ultra spacious cabin designed with both ergonomics and aesthetics in mind.­

With available air-to-ground internet coverage (4G ATG) that’s not only fast and reliable, but also quick to connect, onboard connectivity allows you to hold the same meetings you’d have in the office boardroom on the Challenger 350. And when it’s time to log off and rest, the exceptional cabin design excels as well: A flat floor design and an extra-wide cabin allow passengers to move freely (and give unrestricted access to baggage in flight), a standard pocket door and cockpit closeout curtain provide superior noise suppression, and generous, hand-sculpted seats feature 180° tracking, recline and berthing capabilities offer optimal comfort.

Recent avionics enhancements have also been made available for the Challenger 350 business jet, including a lightweight Head-up Display (HUD) and Enhanced Vision System (EVS), which provide pilots with enhanced situational awareness. Additional performance enhancements include steep approach capability, improved rudder authority and superior braking performance, allowing the aircraft to access some of the world’s most challenging airfields, such as Santa Monica, Aspen and London City.

With its sleek design and surprisingly low operating costs – the  lowest in its category it’s no surprise that the Challenger 350 aircraft is the top choice among Fortune 500 companies and for the past two years was recognized by Robb Report’s “Best of the Best” in the super mid-size aircraft category. When you consider its features and accolades, it’s clear why business leaders worldwide opt for this best-selling aircraft to help them grow their business across the globe. It’s the aircraft of choice for those who demand no limits, no borders, just a seamless journey in record time.

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