Design, from big ideas to fine details

Every aspect of your Bombardier business jet is designed to enhance performance, productivity, comfort, and the quality of your time aboard.

Interior showroom

Hand crafted with you in mind

Designing and manufacturing a business jet is a collaboration between multidisciplinary teams. It begins with our industrial designers who define the customer experience onboard using the latest in architecture and automotive design as sources of inspiration for the layout, furniture and materials that will be used.

From there, we work with our customers to determine how they will use their aircraft, what their style is and the mood they want to create onboard. They guide you in determining layout, selecting the materials and a colour palette to personalize your aircraft.

Leather finish
Leather sewing

Finally, our team, including cabinet makers, upholsterers and painters, amongst many more, practice their craft. They bring your vision to life as if it was their own, making sure every detail is perfect. When our people see a Bombardier business jet in the sky, they can proudly describe the role they played in getting it there. You will recognize their work because of the exceptional quality you will enjoy throughout your aircraft.

LBBC entrance