Global 7500 sets the industry’s ultimate record

Record for range and speed

On March 3, 2019, the Global 7500 aircraft completed the longest mission ever flown by a purpose-built business jet by flying 8,152 nm. The flight also sets the record* for speed over the longest range, connecting Singapore to Tuscon, AZ with fuel to spare.

The award-winning business jet provides the industry’s largest cabin and best cabin experience, perfectly suited for trans-oceanic journeys and an exceptionally smooth ride.

*Speed record for city-pair awaiting official validation by NAA

World tour

Global 7500 tour

The Global 7500 aircraft demonstrator has embarked on its much anticipated world tour to showcase its range, cabin and smoothest ride. Allow us the opportunity to introduce you to the Global 7500 business jet when it visits a city near you. 

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