Lights on. Jet lag off.

Introducing Soleil, aviation’s first circadian rhythm-based cabin lighting system fully integrated to the aircraft’s Flight Management System. Soleil features a revolutionary Dynamic Daylight Simulation to help combat jet lag and is available exclusively on the Global 7500 business jet.

The first ever Dynamic Daylight Simulation in aviation

The Soleil’s Dynamic Daylight Simulation is a first in aviation. Fully-integrated with the aircraft’s Flight Management System, Soleil automatically adjusts the cabin lighting to aid in stimulating or suppressing the production of melatonin which can help synchronize a traveler's circadian rhythm to the time at their destination.

Soleil Lighting System

Highly intelligent and adaptable, the Soleil’s also features a customizable circadian adjustment setting, which personalizes the lighting sequence to a traveler’s preference for either extended work or rest.

Soleil Lighting System

Create the perfect cabin ambiance

For shorter flights where dynamic daylight simulation might not be needed, the Soleil lighting system features a host of additional lighting presets to create your desired cabin ambiance. 

Global 7500 Natural lighting

Natural lighting

The Natural lighting preset recreates a host of daylight conditions. With 24 individual daylight presets to choose from, travelers have a plethora of options, ranging from early morning, dawn, mid-day, afternoon and evening lighting.

Global 7500 Mood lighting

Mood lighting

Mood lighting contains a host of static presets in order to set the cabin ambiance for a particular activity, including reading, dining, movie watching, music, meditation, work or relaxation. Along with preprogrammed colour presets, travelers can chose from among a virtually endless array of custom colour selections.

Dynamic lighting Global 7500

Dynamic lighting

Dynamic lighting presets recreate the subtle movement of the sun or clouds you might experience at the beach, on a yacht or relaxing in the garden. The Dynamic lighting presets are so lifelike they can even create the illusion of clouds moving in the sky.

Control at your fingertips

The Soleil lighting system is conveniently controlled through the nice Touch Cabin Management System. Traveller`s can access the Soleil`s extensive feature set intuitively via suite controllers throughout the cabin, as well as the revolutionary Bombardier Touch dial. The Soleil lighting system can also be controlled on a mobile device through the Bombardier Cabin Control application.

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