Bombardier Pre-owned Market Report

A must-read for all Bombardier pre-owned aircraft transactions


Introducing Bombardier’s Pre-owned Market Report, the only source of information for key fleet indicators, value trends and market commentaries.

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The most comprehensive report for Bombardier’s fleet

Whether you are buying or selling, Bombardier’s Pre-owned Market Report is an exceptional source of information you can trust when making your next decision. With the most comprehensive and up-to-date assessments on key fleet indicators, value trends and market commentaries – This is data you can truly rely on.

Bombardier knows its aircraft best

As the OEM, Bombardier has unique expertise and know-how on its fleets’ market value, providing pre-owned customers unmatched knowledge and exclusive insights into the industry. This breadth and depth of fleet data is now reflected in the Bombardier Pre-owned Market Report and whether you are looking to stay informed on market trends or considering a transaction, it is a must-read before making your next Bombardier pre-owned aircraft decision.

The information in this document is proprietary to Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries. All specifications and data are approximate, may change without notice and are subject to certain operating rules, assumptions and other conditions. Data from third-party sources has not been independently verified. This document does not constitute an offer, commitment, representation, guarantee or warranty of any kind and the configuration and performance of any aircraft shall be determined in a final purchase agreement. This document must not be reproduced or distributed in whole or in part to or by a third party. Bombardier shall be notified in writing of all the requests for permission to disclose. Global Express, Global Express XRS, Global 5000, Challenger 604, Challenger 605, Challenger 300, Learjet 45XR, Learjet 60XR and Smart Parts are registered or unregistered trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries. © 2022 Bombardier Inc. All rights reserved. Our Pre-owned Market Report addresses a variety of Bombardier’s pre-owned aircraft market indicators. Most of the quantitative data and information in this report is extracted from third party data providers and Bombardier research. All financial figures are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise stated.