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ADS-B Out V2

By 2020, FAA and EASA require all business aircraft to be equipped with Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B Out V2) or will be grounded for non-compliance.

If you wait, it will be too late.

Too many aircraft, too little time.

While the current rate of operator compliance is increasing, the reality is that thousands of aircraft in the United States and Europe still need to be equipped with ADS-B Out V2. Although the compliance date may seem far away, owners will expose themselves to the risks of scheduling pressure and increased installation costs the longer they wait to equip their aircraft. Furthermore, failure to install ADS-B Out V2 before the compliance date may result in immediate aircraft grounding.

ADS-B Out V2 boosts value.

Aircraft without ADS-B Out V2 tend to sell for less than similar aircraft with ADS-B Out V2 already installed. Upgrade and benefit from the increased residual value of your aircraft by installing the equipment today.

Doing it sooner than later pays back.

Updated aircraft with ADS-B Out V2 can reward you with optimized performance and savings by delivering more flexible and continuous routing and increased fuel efficiency while reducing flight times and minimizing delays associated with runway congestion.

Doing it all at once pays off.

Aligning the installation of ADS-B Out V2 with an upcoming maintenance event will save time and money. Don’t risk waiting for the last minute rush as the deadline nears and book your appointment today.

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