Global: History in the making

From the day the very first Global aircraft took to the skies, Bombardier has redefined business aviation with every new Global aircraft. Today, that redefinition continues with the delivery of the first Global 7500 aircraft to NetJets, placing the industry flagship business jet at the hands of the world’s largest fractional ownership company.

1000th Global Aircraft Delivery

Global aircraft

This delivery also marks an important milestone for Bombardier as it represents the 1000th Global aircraft delivered. This underscores the strength of the Global aircraft platform and its leadership position in the industry. Today’s Global aircraft boast a dispatch reliability of 99.85% and the fleet has accumulated an impressive 3.3 million flight hours. Its remarkable innovations have led to over 360 patents and numerous industry-changing features, such as the Smooth Flĕx Wing, the Nuage seating collection, Bombardier Pũr Air, the Soleil lighting system, the Bombardier Vision flight deck and many more.

Redefining the industry, one aircraft at a time

Bombardier’s passion for innovation and our commitment to redefining the future of business aviation is unwavering and we look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of ingenuity with every new Bombardier business jet.

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