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Peter Likoray

Welcome to the new, online edition of Experience magazine. In these pages, we will bring you compelling stories about the people, places and aircraft that come together to create the Bombardier Business Aircraft Experience. The intersection of these three elements is the focus of this magazine. 

Bombardier’s business is, first and foremost, about people. From the craftsmen who build them, to our customers who fly on them, our aircraft forge a connection between a wide variety people and create a story worth telling. Amongst the articles posted for the launch of Experience online is a profile of legendary rocker Sammy Hagar, whose Challenger 300 aircraft is his hideaway for song-writing, and a piece on Swiss Air-Rescue Rega, a non-profit foundation providing life-saving air ambulance services on Challenger aircraft.

The world is made up of interesting places to visit and cultures to discover. From the natural beauty of Samba Island in Indonesia to the snow-capped mountains of the Antarctic Peninsula, we will take you to the special places our aircraft touch down every day. The events, cuisine and architecture of destinations on and off the beaten path will be yours to explore in Experience online.

Some liken business jets to time machines for the efficiency they provide, others say they shrink the world because of the access they deliver. From the legendary performance of the Learjet 75 to the best-selling Challenger 350 aircraft and the largest and longest range Global 7000 jet, our aircraft will feature prominently in Experience Online, with the view that they don’t just connect destinations, they help create connections between people.

This launch is an invitation to discover the people, place and planes that make up our world, and to enjoy a new Experience online.

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