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Global 7500 flying
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At the Touch of a Button

Here’s how the Global 7500 CMS puts passengers in control of the cabin.

man on Ipad

When was the last time you got up to change the TV channel by hand? Or put on music for friends without the help of a computer or smartphone? If both scenarios seem laughably retro, it’s a testament to the evolution of home technology – the main inspiration behind  the nice Touch cabin management system (CMS), custom designed for Bombardier’s Global 7500 aircraft.

Today’s aircraft owners not only expect impressive performance and range, like the flagship Global 7500 jet’s unmatched 7,700 nautical miles. They want to stay connected at all times, and to do it with ease.

“Before, a plane was a place where you switched off until you landed. Now, an airplane is an extension of your home or office, where you’re connecting with friends, family or colleagues,” says Tim Fagan, Manager of Industrial Design at Bombardier Business Aircraft.

Industrial designer Nikolas Beaudin, who is working on the CMS at Bombardier Business Aircraft, adds, “If we look at what we’ve got at home – thermostats, dimmers, a home entertainment system – these are all different ecosystems. The main challenge for us was: How do you gather them into one system?”

One vital tool for developing the new CMS was Bombardier Business Aircraft’s “lab,” where a Completion Systems Test Rig let the Global 7500 team replicate the cabin environment, from lighting to entertainment systems, and validate every aspect of its functionality.

As a result of rigorous tests and customer consultations, the new CMS features: Suite controllers for the aircraft’s living spaces; a media center with an available 4k 40-inch display and the industry’s highest fidelity speakers; a downloadable nice Touch app, providing easy access from your smartphone or tablet; and Bombardier’s  patented Touch dial, the first and only OLED display dial certified in business aviation.

CMS detailed view

“The dial itself was an interesting challenge,” says Beaudin. “We went through numerous iterations: we would not compromise for anything less than OLED displays for improved screen resolution and contrast, we refined the transitions between menus and fine-tuned the haptics  – how it feels to interact with the CMS – with an elegantly textured dial that provides the right amount of grip and the proper weight and smoothness when the dial is turned. We wanted it to be unobtrusive yet always available when you need it, so a gentle swipe allows it to come up when it’s required. It really feels like a high-end piece of equipment designed for audiophiles.”

“The Touch dial really feels like a high-end piece of equipment designed for audiophiles.” –Nikolas Beaudin, industrial designer

And what do all these cabin innovations translate into, for the average (or not-so-average) Global 7500 jet passenger? It means holding a video conference on your laptop while downloading a file to your tablet. Kicking back and catching the game in the revolutionary Nuage seat thanks to a patented tilt-link system that cradles your whole body and a tilting, supportive headrest

Sitting down to a five-course meal – prepared in the aircraft’s industry-redefining kitchen – to the sounds of your custom classical playlist. Closing the blinds, dimming the lights and watching the latest blockbuster on a screen with four times the resolution of 1080p HD.

Most importantly, you can do this all without missing a beat, thanks to the lightning fast Ka-band connection and exceptionally intuitive controls. After all, the best CMS is one you never have to think about.

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