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The Global 5500 jet soars above the clouds.
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The Milken Institute Global Conference is a meeting of minds, a chance for the nonpartisan think tank to rally world leaders to California to discuss innovative ideas that will have a lasting impact. Last spring, in between talks by Jane Goodall and Tom Brady, as well as Bombardier Chairman of the Board Pierre Beaudoin, attendees got to experience the result of bold thinking up close: the Nuage seat.

The first new seat architecture in business aviation in 30 years, the Nuage seat is just one part of the incredible new widest-in-class cabins on board the Global 5500 and Global 6500 aircraft. Both business jets are remarkable additions to the Global family and its smooth ride legacy. They boast furthest-in-class ranges of 5,700 nautical miles (for the Global 5500 aircraft) and 6,600 nautical miles (for the Global 6500 aircraft), due to enhancements that include a new wing design and a custom-made Rolls-Royce Pearl engine. But they are being built as more than a mode of transport—they are an extension of home and office. This extension just happens to include open-plan living spaces, a high-tech office, a cabin entertainment suite, a gourmet kitchen and luxe decor throughout.

Few pieces of furniture can evoke a whole era like a chair can. Charles and Ray Eames’ 670 Lounge Chair. Eero Saarinen’s Tulip. Arne Jacobsen’s Egg. Philippe Starck’s Ghost. And now, Nuage. Not only is it a revolution in private air travel, it could very well be a milestone in the world of seating design as a whole. Here are some of its standout features.

Floating Base

The trackless footprint gives a clean look to the cabin floor, and the centered swivel access allows the seat to move and rotate effortlessly.

Tilt-Link Recline

This patented system is the heart of the Nuage design and the reason it’s already living up to its name (Nuage means “cloud” in French). Unlike other aircraft seats where only the back pivots, sliding the body forward and leading to discomfort, Nuage dips the seat as the back is reclined, fully cradling the body and ensuring optimal comfort.


In addition to moving up or down, the headrest tilts, providing optimal neck support in any position. “We really looked at how people were using their long-range aircraft,” says Fagan. “And that might include lying back while watching a movie.”


“One of our inspirations was catering to a broader range of passengers,” says Fagan. “That fifth-percentile woman and 95th-percentile man, and everybody in between.” In this case, the seating is designed to allow shorter passengers to keep contact with the ground, while taller passengers can adjust (there’s also a seat cushion extension) for comfort.


While leather has become standard in luxury aircraft seating (and is available for Nuage), Fagan and his team are also intent on showcasing fine fabrics like Italian wool, tested to withstand hundreds of hours of use. “It breathes, it’s comfortable, and it creates a subtle look that reflects the comforts of home,” says Fagan.


Nuage is also available as the modular chaise (see opposite page). Inspired by a chaise longue and striking in its minimalism, it also converts into a flat surface for sleeping or additional seating at the adjacent table.

Bombardier’s Nuage chaise.
The Nuage chaise can also berth flat.

“Our customers are concerned not just with functionality, but expressing their personal taste,” - Tim Fagan, Manager of Industrial Design

Some of the highlights of home design that can be found on board: Ka-band technology enables the fastest in-flight connectivity available, whether for a conference call or video chat with family. A 4k-enabled cabin means watching movies on a screen with about four times as many pixels as typical HD. Inspired by the industry-redefining Global 7500 kitchen, the galley is restaurant-worthy with sleek countertops and appliances designed to show off. The Private Suite has all the tranquility of a bedroom, with a fully berthing divan, wardrobe, en suite and optional shower on the Global 6500 jet. And throughout the cabin, not to mention the crew rest area and cockpit, a timeless-yet-modern design reigns. Options span wooden floors, marble veneers, geometric inlays and organic materials, and all combine to create an environment that’s as cozy, and as personal, as home.

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