Challenger 350
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Challenging the Status Quo

The world’s number one best-selling jet, the Challenger 350 aircraft, just got better.

With floor-to-ceiling windows, the spec room in the Bombardier Challenger Aircraft Delivery Center is filled with an abundance of natural light. “At an altitude of 45,000 feet, you are at your best lighting,” says Karen Lovegrove, senior customer account manager of Bombardier’s Challenger Customer Facing Team. “We have to replicate that as best as possible.” 

The spec room is where Bombardier customers choose the fittings for their Challenger 350 aircraft. The most successful business jet platform of the last decade may come equipped with more baseline features than the competition, but there are still many personal embellishments to choose from: exotic wood veneers, custom handmade carpets, luxurious seat coverings and intricate glass and silverware, to name but a few. “Sometimes,” Lovegrove adds, “if it’s a particularly beautiful day, we’ll take our samples and examine them outside.” 

With thousands of fabric swatches lining the walls of this room, you’d be forgiven for not noticing the ceiling. But above this spot where dreams are assembled, you can witness the results of those dreams up close: Dozens of pockmarks pepper the ceiling where Champagne corks have been popped and sometimes lodged, the new owner’s signature claiming the indentation. “The purchase of a Challenger 350 jet is often a milestone for a company, continued success to be celebrated,” she says. “It’s a dream come true.” 

Challenger 350 Cabin

Most Delivered Business Jet 

The Challenger 350 aircraft strikes the perfect balance between spirited performance, large cabin comfort and class-leading value. With the lowest direct operating costs in its category, it’s also the number one choice among Fortune 500 companies. Just last year, Bombardier delivered 60 Challenger 350 aircraft, outpacing competitors and leading the industry for the second year in a row (capturing 58 percent of the super-midsize segment). No other jet in its class goes full range, with both fuel tanks and seats full. This means the Challenger 350 jet can easily transport nine people from New York to London—or anywhere else within its impressive 3,200 nautical mile (5,926 kilometer) range. And with its optimally balanced wings, engines and landing gear, the aircraft provides a signature smooth ride from takeoff to landing. 

New on Board 

Bombardier recently introduced several enhancements to the Challenger 350 jet. The aircraft can now be equipped with a lightweight Head-up Display (HUD), which allows pilots to fly eyes forward in all phases of flight, including during landing and takeoff. And with the new Enhanced Vision System (EVS), a pilot’s situational awareness is further heightened by an infrared camera that transmits live imagery (surrounding terrain, potential obstacles) directly to the HUD, ensuring runway visibility in adverse weather conditions. 

Last summer the Challenger 350 jet achieved steep-approach certification, making the aircraft capable of landing at some of the world’s most challenging airports (like Aspen or London City). And with improved rudder authority and superior braking performance, you can now fly up to 1,500 nautical miles (2,778 kilometers) farther out of short runways, such as Santa Monica. On board, the aircraft now has the fastest and most reliable air-to-ground internet coverage with 4G ATG. And with a superior sound suppressing design, noise can be kept to a minimum due to the presence of baseline pocket doors and a standard cockpit closeout curtain. 

Challenger 350 control

Cabin Interiors 

The Challenger 350 jet continues to offer the perfect blend of aesthetics and ergonomics. The meticulously crafted interiors are carefully designed with an unrivaled attention to detail, something you won’t find on other super-midsize aircrafts. With a fully flat floor, the widest purpose-built cabin in its class permits more aisle space and unrestricted access to baggage. And tall windows allow for an abundance of natural light to flood the cabin and showcase the world-class design.  

In terms of comfort, the Challenger 350 aircraft delivers on its promise with seats that feature 180° tracking, recline and berthing capabilities. Everything has been thought of, from the clever foldout tables that align flush with the side ledge when deployed to the deep cup holders that securely hold your drink. Passengers have easy access to cabin controls, real-time flight info, and video playback with eight perfectly positioned touch screens. You can also use your own personal devices to control the Cabin Management System and seamlessly switch from entertainment to information. 

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