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Challenger 350: Fearless Leader

The Challenger 350 aircraft stays ahead the curve.

A close-up of the Challenger 350 aircraft

The Challenger 350 business jet was made for a moment like this. As 2020 witnessed the aviation industry enter a state of change, to succeed and thrive required transformation, flexibility and constant evolution. All characteristics that define this dynamic high performer. It checks all the boxes for a modern aircraft customer: A recent suite of upgrades and new features, like a refreshed cabin management system graphical user interface (GUI), high-speed Ka-band connectivity, plus the lowest operating costs and widest cabin in its class, are just a few of its top standouts. In fact, Bombardier’s all-in-one masterpiece is always innovating above and beyond the competition.

This constant evolution is just one of the reasons Robb Report named it the world’s leading super mid-size jet in its annual “Best of the Best” series—for both 2018 and 2019. Since the aircraft’s debut in 2014, it has held the title of world’s most delivered super mid-size business jet, and this year, Bombardier completed the 350th delivery of a Challenger 350 aircraft.

Peter Likoray, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Bombardier Business Aircraft says its status has to do with the fact that it can wear many hats. “The Challenger 350 aircraft offers customers the complete package—superior comfort, performance, reliability and value, all in a single business jet. This unbeatable combination is why, year after year, it remains the preferred choice of flight departments, individuals and charter operators around the world.”

Cabin Comforts

Whether it’s a short or long flight, a smooth ride is just the first step in making the cabin feel like a true sanctuary. Now new expanded options for the interior design schemes means the sky really is the limit when it comes to customizing the cabin for both style and comfort. Throughout a flight, there’s easy access to baggage and ergonomically advanced seating that features 180-degree swivel, tracking and berthing capabilities. Those on board can also enjoy remarkably large windows which let in plenty of natural light, and a new soundproofing system ensures background noise is kept to a minimum. The acoustic insulation makes the cabin 4–5 dB SIL (speech interference level) quieter than in previous Challenger 300 models. This creates the perfect environment to FaceTime family, stay up to date on market forecasts, do some socializing or just catch a few winks between appointments.

Plus with the new high-speed Ka-band connectivity, passengers can do all of the above and then some, including: Zoom calls, streaming the latest Netflix show or booking meetings that sync up perfectly with landing time. With the fastest available download speeds in the super mid-size segment, the package can be installed on in-service and new aircraft. Bombardier looked to its flagship Global 7500 aircraft to inspire the upgraded user interface in this jet’s cabin management system (CMS). New features include integrated moving maps on convenient side-ledge touchscreens so passengers can stay completely apprised on flight progress. There’s also a new platform-specific app, which makes it easier than ever to stay in control of your cabin, whether choosing your entertainment or managing cabin settings such as lighting and temperature.

The upgraded cabin of the Challenger 350
The upgraded cabin of the Challenger 350.

Grade A Upgrade

The past year has also seen Bombardier add impressive new technical features to the Challenger 350 aircraft, which make flying an exhilarating mix of precision and performance. The improvements can be installed on new jets or added to in-service aircraft at one of nine Bombardier service centers around the world. There are refined cockpit details (like the signature leather-stitched aircraft control) and brand-new items like a compact Head-up Display (HUD) and Enhanced Vision System (EVS). These slick upgrades ensure that pilots can fly distraction-free for the entire flight by displaying live infrared imagery of the external environment onto the HUD; showing data like runway lighting, terrain and potential obstacles gives pilots improved situational awareness. This means greater confidence while flying and improved safety for all on board—particularly during takeoff and landing. Other notable innovations include steep-approach certifications and a performance improvement package. The latter sees enhanced rudder authority and braking performance, so the Challenger 350 jet can now fly up to 1,500 nautical miles farther out of short runways.

The flight deck of the Challenger 350
The flight deck of the Challenger 350.

The New Standard

As the undisputed segment leader, the Challenger 350 aircraft is constantly setting new records like its recent 10 city-pair speed record. This cross-country circuit saw the jet fly 5,600 nautical miles—with 10 stops across the United States—in just 20.5 hours. Flying from and returning to Las Vegas, with an average cruising speed of Mach 0.82, the route included business aviation hubs like Teterboro, Washington, D.C., and West Palm Beach. This record is a key indicator of the aircraft’s incredibly high performance and reliability, both of which are essential factors for corporate flight departments and operators who must guarantee departure and arrival times. And the pure ease with which the Challenger 350 jet managed this demanding route is one of the reasons it’s a first choice among seasoned pilots.

Dennis Simmons, Senior Captain, Flight Operations at Bombardier, says the key to this aircraft’s popularity lies in its winning combination: ease of operation, high performance and total reliability. “The Challenger 350 aircraft handled beautifully throughout our 10 flights. While this unprecedented record run is an impressive accomplishment, completing a 10-mission tour of the United States in less than a day is well within the capabilities of this outstanding aircraft. From the cockpit, this aircraft lightens the pilots’ workload and is a joy to fly, thanks to its advanced equipment and the industry’s most extensive set of baseline features.”

With its innovations, the Challenger 350 aircraft is continually raising the bar, and one thing is clear: for this tour de force, the best keeps getting better.

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