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Biggin Hill Service Center

Defining the Exceptional by Design Experience

Bombardier’s Customer Experience Team is raising the bar, expanding its global customer service offerings and transforming the aftermarket experience.

JC Gallagher
Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Vice-president & General Manager, Customer Experience

Jean-Christophe Gallagher is passionate about business aviation. As Vice President and General Manager of the Customer Experience Team at Bombardier Business Aircraft, it’s his job to create an optimized service experience that surpasses expectations for Bombardier customers - one that is truly “Exceptional by design.”

Exceptional by design 

The “Exceptional by design” philosophy lies at the heart of everything we do at Bombardier - from our masterfully designed private jets to the unique signature moments we create for our customers. “We extend this philosophy by thoroughly understanding our clients and their needs,” says Gallagher, recognizing the ways that purchasing a private jet can augment a customer’s business and enhance their lifestyle.

“We work to understand our clients on a personal level - raising our game to cater to their desires and customize their experience.” As head of Bombardier’s exceptional aftermarket service, Gallagher leads a global team of more than 2,200 people in over 100 locations around the world to assist customers throughout the entire life cycle of their aircraft. 

"Bombardier wants you to bring your jets back home."

One phone call away

“We designed and manufactured your aircraft, and our familiarity with your aircraft gives us the expertise and allows us to provide support throughout its lifetime.” Having Bombardier at the ready 24/7, in locations around the world, means never having to worry about unscheduled maintenance, replacing parts or troubleshooting problems.

Assistance is only one phone call away. “With everything we are doing now, and with all the investments we are making in our aftermarket business, our objective is to provide you with the best service - period.

Over the past few years, Gallagher and his team have been actively working to grow Bombardier’s global customer experience footprint by introducing new products, processes and services that transform the customer experience, innovating for tomorrow while striving for excellence. “We have an unprecedented amount of avionics upgrades, interior retrofits and connectivity solutions to offer,” says Gallagher.

“Bombardier has also made significant recent investments in the United States, China, Singapore and the United Kingdom."

"Those investments allowed us to expand our aftermarket network to now include nine service centres, eight line maintenance stations, thirty Mobile Response Team vehicles and two parts delivery aircraft, all equipped to support Learjet, Challenger and Global business jets worldwide and 24/7.”

Our commitment to our customers

When it comes to the aftermarket, Bombardier’s Customer Experience Team has achieved an unparalleled level of customer satisfaction across the Bombardier Customer Service network. “We focus on our customers,” says Gallagher, “and make sure that they can experience their Bombardier product to the fullest. In our service centres, aircraft on-time departures is at 94 percent and that’s the highest it has ever been. It’s a testament to our commitment to our customers to respect their agenda and get the job done and done well.”

The same can be said about the availability of parts worldwide. “We have reinvested in parts inventory, making sure we have got the right parts in the right places at the right time.” Bombardier has also recently established a new process where customers can provide feedback in real time while their aircraft is being serviced. With the establishment of the Service Touchpoint survey, customers can now let the Bombardier leadership team know if something is not going as planned in one of its facilities.

If you were to ask Gallagher what he is currently focused on, he will tell you it is making sure he has the right team in place and that they have everything they need to deliver an “Exceptional by design” experience for Bombardier customers. “Our staff know what to do to satisfy our customers and make their lives better. And my job is to be right there, to provide the resources they need, to make sure they accomplish this mission every single day.”

A noble mission indeed.

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