Learjet 75

Don’t settle for less

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The pioneer that started it all. The Learjet 75 aircraft continues to set the standard by bringing large jet features to the most trusted light jet platform among Fortune 50 and 500 companies.

Flat out best cabin

The only flat floor cabin and 8-seat double-club configuration in the light jet category.

Leave noise at the door

Sit back and relax in the quietest and most private cabin in the light jet category.

No cut corners when it comes to safety

The only light jet certified to a higher safety standard.

Leave no one behind

Fly farther with full fuel, 8 passengers and baggage; never leave anyone, or anything behind.

Fast but not thirsty

Fly faster without compromising fuel efficiency.

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Flat out best cabin

The cabin of the Learjet 75 business jet is in a class of its own, designed for ultimate comfort and privacy: flat floor for ease of movement, pocket door for reduced noise levels, and fully-equipped for productivity. Step up into an unmatched light jet experience.

Meet above as you would below

With the only 8-seat double-club configuration in the category, meet as you would on the ground in a boardroom like no other.

Leave the noise at the door

As the only light jet to feature a pocket door between the cockpit and the cabin, you’ll enjoy the quietest and most private ride.

Power at every seat

Stay connected at all times. Control your environment, access high-speed internet, and enjoy the latest entertainment. Do it your way while you’re on your way.

Unlimited access

Access what you require, as required. With in-flight storage, your personal items are always within reach.

Cutting-edge control and connectivity

The most advanced and best equipped cabin in its class boasts a state-of-the-art cabin management system, high-definition bulkhead monitor, integrated sidewall speakers, and six personal touch-screen monitors that stow or deploy as you need. The result is the best and broadest entertainment, information and connectivity experience in its category.

Standard interior configuration

AEntry area

  • Left-hand forward closet
  • Curtain closeout to cockpit
  • Full galley with work surface, hot liquid container with cup dispenser, split ice storage with water drain system
  • Can/bottle storage compartment
  • Waste container and miscellaneous storage areas

BMain cabin

  • 8 passenger seats in double-club configuration
  • Seats swivel and recline
  • Seat storage compartments
  • 3 pull-out and one plug-in executive tables
  • 7” touch screen display at 6 of the seats with Audio/Video control
  • Forward 12.1” HD bulkhead monitor
  • HD and ethernet backbone
  • Full audio system with hidden trim panel speakers
  • Drink holders
  • Window shades
  • Indirect LED lighting
  • Cabin electronic system controls at each passenger location
  • Cabin audio system
  • Convenience panel with individual and table LED lights
  • Air vents
  • Cabin speakers and oxygen masks

CAft lavatory / storage area

  • Externally serviced flushing toilet
  • Vanity cabinet with lighted mirror
  • Faucet and sink with pressurized water flow and water tank and soap dispenser
  • Aft internal baggage storage

Innovation you can count on

Every Learjet is better than the last. We continually rethink and reinvent the design to integrate the most advanced technologies. For you, that means a more reliable and safer aircraft.

A visionary flight deck

Designed with the pilot’s comfort in mind, the Bombardier Vision flight deck features a synthetic vision system, enhanced ergonomics, and advanced touch screen controls for a more productive mission.

Fly effortlessly

The Learjet 75 aircraft is fully-equipped with the category’s most advanced avionics suite, built to reduce pilot workload and provide superior situational awareness.

  • Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
  • Dual FMS with Graphical Flight Planning
  • WAAS GPS with LPV capability

Fully-equipped means no fine print

The Learjet 75 aircraft’s class leadership results from its premium-equipped cabin, advanced cockpit technologies, comfort advantages, and baseline features offered only as expensive options by competitors. It is an aircraft designed not only to provide rapid returns as a business asset, but also to retain its value for many years to come.

No cut corners when it comes to safety

From full flight control redundancies to dual wheel main gears with robust carbon brakes; we worry about the details so you can focus on what’s important. You can rest assured knowing that the Learjet 75 aircraft has been designed with safety in mind.

  • Part 25 Certified: Complies with higher safety standards than its competitors.
  • Dual wheels: Approach every runway with confidence.
  • Thrust reversers: Stopping you well ahead of the competition.

It’s about time

The farther you fly without stopping, the more you get for your money. Not only is the Learjet 75 aircraft the fastest in the category, it flies farther with a full load than its competition. Enjoy stopping less while spending less.

Leave no one behind

The Learjet 75 business jet leads with impressive range and travels farther than the competition with full fuel, 8 passengers and all of their valuables. You never have to leave anyone, or anything behind.

Fast but not thirsty

Fly faster, burn less fuel. Low fuel burn means there’s no need to compromise speed for efficiency — that means less overall spend on an aircraft that flies at unrivalled top speeds.

The Learjet 75 aircraft delivers unparalleled returns on your investment, with its faster and more fuel efficient performance contributing to the category’s lowest direct operating cost per nautical mile traveled.

Power play performance

The Learjet 75 aircraft’s increased thrust contributes to a shorter take-off, faster climb rate and an unsurpassed 464 knots top speed, powered by the most recent evolution of engines proven in over 100 million flight hours. Even with these advantages and its class-leading hot-and-high performance, the Learjet 75 aircraft still offers superior fuel efficiency versus competitors traveling at similar cruise speeds.

  • Honeywell TFE731-40BR engines
  • Takeoff thrust of 3,850 lbf/lb (17 kN)
  • Flat rated to ISA +23°C, SL

Range Map

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Performance on this page is based on the following assumptions: ISA+15ºC takeoff temperature, 4 passengers, 2 crew (200 lb. each), long range cruise speed, 3% airways allowance, ISA conditions en route, 85% Boeing annual winds, NBAA IFR (100 NM) fuel reserve, standard configuration BOW.

14 ft 0 in / 4.3 m 50 ft 11 in / 15.5 m 58 ft 0 in / 17.7 m


Passengers: 9 (standard configuration)


  • Honeywell TFE731-40BR
  • Thrust: 3,850 lbf/lb (17 kN)
  • Flat rated to ISA + 23°C, SL


  • Garmin G5000 with 3 high resolution 14” displays
  • Touch screen controllers
  • Synthetic Vision System
  • Dual Flight Management System
  • Graphical flight planning
  • Solid state weather radar
  • Digital Audio System
  • Aircraft position on taxiway
  • Datalink capabilities
Maximum range 2,040 nm 3,778 km
(Theoretical range with NBAA, IFR Reserves, ISA, LRC, 4pax/2 crew. Actual range will be affected by speed, weather, selected options, and other factors)
Top speed 0.81 464 860
Long-range cruise speed 0.75 430 796
Airfield Performance
Takeoff distance (SL, ISA, MTOW) 4,440 ft 1,353 m
Landing distance (SL, ISA, MLW) 2,660 ft 811 m
Operating Altitude
Maximum operating altitude 51,000 ft 15,545 m
Initial cruise altitude (MTOW) 45,000 ft 13,716 m
Length 58 ft 0 in 17.7 m
Wingspan 50 ft 11 in 15.5 m
Wing area 309 ft2 28.7 m2
Height 14 ft 0 in 4.3 m
Cabin length 19 ft 10 in 6.04 m
(From cockpit divider to most aft cabin without baggage compartment)
Cabin width (maximum) 5 ft 1 in 1.56 m
Cabin height 4 ft 11 in 1.50 m
Maximum ramp weight 21,750 lb 9,866 kg
Maximum takeoff weight 21,500 lb 9,752 kg
Maximum landing weight 19,200 lb 8,709 kg
Maximum zero-fuel weight 16,500 lb 7,484 kg
Typical basic operating weight 13,890 lb 6,300 kg
Maximum fuel weight 6,062 lb 2,750 kg
Maximum payload 2,610 lb 1,184 kg

All specifications and data are approximate, may change without notice and subject to certain operating rules, assumptions and other conditions. The interior images shown are for information purposes only and may represent some optional configurations. The information contained herein does not constitute an offer, commitment, representation, guarantee or warranty of any kind and the configuration and performance of any aircraft shall be determined in a final purchase agreement.

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