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As comfortable as your home office. As efficient as your staff. The global 5000 aircraft truly has it all, because being on your way should never get in your way.

The fastest in-flight internet connectivity worldwide*

Ka-band technology will keep you connected at all times.

Forget you’re flying

Our advanced wing design provides you with a smooth, restful flight.

Expand your personal space

Almost a foot (30 cm) wider than the nearest competitor, this cabin delivers maximum comfort.

What you need, when you need it

Safely access your personal items from the luggage compartment throughout the flight.

Fresh air and more

Get 100% fresh air and adjust the cabin’s temperature faster to always feel refreshed.

Productive for everyone

From cockpit to galley, the best place for a crew to work in the sky.

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This is how exceptional feels

Every detail in the Global 5000 aircraft cabin has been carefully designed to bring you the smoothest, most refreshing, and productive experience you can expect from a business jet.

Always connected

With the fastest internet connectivity worldwide* based on Ka-band technology, travelling will never again stop you from video conferencing, live streaming or even online gaming. For work or play – you’re always connected.

With multiple data package options available, clients can select the right speed for their needs. Passengers will be as productive in-flight as in the office and free to enjoy their favourite entertainment seamlessly.

Ka-band is unbeatable in terms of speed (up to 15 Mbps or close to 5 times faster than ATG), coverage and reliability, and to illustrate this confidence in the service, Ka-band is backed by performance commitments offered by the leading service providers.

When used in conjunction with compatible cabin management systems onboard Bombardier aircraft, it offers the possibility to relay content throughout the cabin for an immersive entertainment experience.

What you need, when you need it

Access what you require, as required. With the high-capacity luggage compartment safely accessible throughout the flight, your personal items are always within reach.

Expand your personal space

With the widest cabin in its class, measuring almost a foot (30 cm) wider than the nearest competitor, the Global 5000 aircraft provides plenty of room. Work efficiently at the broad tables, sit comfortably in the large seats, move around the spacious cabin freely, and stow away more personal items in the many storage compartments.

Forget you’re flying

Our advanced wing technology is the key to enjoying a smooth ride, and possibly the best night’s sleep you will ever have on a business aircraft. Advanced soundproofing materials with proprietary interior and exterior design techniques contribute to lowest-in-class sound levels.

Your media centre in the sky

Anything is possible with the most comprehensive cabin management system. Ultra-fast, reliable, intuitive and featuring a large media bay, it offers you the possibility to wirelessly watch movies, mirror live streaming or display documents onto the largest HD TV monitors in its class.

Enjoy lightning-fast response time when you interact with the new cabin management system which provides immediate access to your work or entertainment content, flight maps or cabin settings. Access key cabin controls in a single click and navigate the new app to intuitively control the cabin. Thanks to a simple layout and an intuitive iconography, changing the cabin settings or media selections is remarkably easy.

You can pair up your favorite mobile device (iOS and Android) with ease and place it on the universal tablet holder to seamlessly control the cabin experience from your seat. The large and ventilated media bay has all the options required to connect current and future electronic devices, such as the Apple TV™, Chromecast™, Blu-ray DVD players or Sony™ Playstation 4™.

100% fresh air and more

100% fresh air is always available, and with an air management system which can faster regulate the cabin’s temperature, you will always feel refreshed. Additionally, optimized cabin pressurization provides a low altitude environment, helping you feel more energized.

A quiet stateroom of elegance

The aft stateroom adds a sense of tranquility with its large windows infusing the luxurious space with light. The stateroom full-berthing divan, spacious wardrobe, independent temperature control, and lavatory area unit offer you maximum comfort.

A galley equipped to please

The large fully-equipped galley, with its substantial storage capacity and extensive work surfaces elevates your comfort experience with its greater meal capabilities. The galley is intelligently set between the cockpit and main cabin areas, for further passenger privacy.

Standard interior configuration

AEntry area

  • Forward lavatory (vacuum sanitation system)
  • Galley and galley annex

BForward cabin

  • Forward cabin bulkhead with sliding door to close off cabin from entry area
  • 4 single executive seats with lumbar control, full recline, and swivel capability
  • 2 bi-fold tables 27-in x 27-in (69 cm x 69 cm)
  • 24-in bulkhead HD monitor (61cm)

CMid Cabin

  • Conference grouping – 2 double seats (lumbar control, full recline, and swivel inboard seat)
  • Height adjustable conference table
  • Credenza with low cabinet for entertainment equipment and storage

DAFT Cabin

  • 3-place divan
  • 2 single executive seats with lumbar control, full recline, and swivel capability
  • 1 bi-fold table 27-in x 27-in (69 cm x 69 cm)
  • 24-in bulkhead HD monitor (61cm)

EAFT Lavatory / Storage Area

  • Vacuum sanitation system
  • Vanity/storage cabinet
  • Wardrobe compartment
  • Storage compartment
  • Removable hang-up bar
  • Fold down shelves

Planned perfection

The latest in technology and design are seamlessly integrated to bring you the most advanced and reliable flying experience.

Fly effortlessly

The revolutionary Bombardier Vision flight deck makes flying the Global 5000 aircraft an exceptional experience. It has business aviation’s most advanced avionics suite, with ergonomics and aesthetics that provide pilots with outstanding comfort and control.

The unique combination of features such as the synthetic vision system on the head-up display and the MultiScan™ weather radar contribute to enhancing situational awareness at any time and in any weather. The industry leading flight deck reduces pilot workload for a safer, more efficient experience.

Double stitched leather, brushed metallic controls, and carbon fiber accents all contribute to a cockpit design that seamlessly blends with the rest of the cabin.

On a mission

Governments worldwide depend on the Global aircraft’s innovation, reliability and safety to fly some of their most demanding and critical missions.

Time is money

The Global 5000 aircraft perfectly blends all aspects of performance offering impressive range, speed and reliability for surprising economics.

Destination: anywhere

With its steep approach certification, the Global 5000 aircraft is able to land at London City Airport.

It can also operate in and out of other challenging airports like Aspen and Lugano, so you can always arrive closer to your destination.

No rain delays

The Global 5000 aircraft maintains an astonishing range when taking off from wet and short runways. With its powerful engines, oversized carbon brakes and advanced wing design, rainy conditions won’t keep you from getting to your destination.

Valued across the globe

The Global 5000 aircraft offers exceptional range, performance, and cabin comfort, representing the best value among long range business jets. Coupled with the lowest direct operating costs and the longest maintenance intervals in its class, the Global 5000 aircraft is a smart choice for you and your business.

Range Map

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Performance on this page is based on the following assumptions: ISA+15ºC takeoff temperature, 8 passengers, 3 crew (200 lbs each), M 0.85 cruise speed, 3% airways allowance, ISA conditions en route, 85% Boeing annual winds, NBAA IFR (200 NM) fuel reserve, standard configuration BOW.

25 ft 6 in / 7.8 m 94 ft 0 in / 28.7 m 96 ft 10 in / 29.5 m


Passengers: 13 (standard configuration)


  • Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR710A2-20 turbofans
  • Thrust: 14,750 lbf (65.6kN)
  • Flat rated to ISA + 20°C


  • Bombardier Vision flight deck
  • Four Large Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display Screens
  • Head-Up Display System, Enhanced Vision System and Synthetic Vision System
  • Graphical Flight Planning
  • Weather Radar with enhanced functionality
  • Latest Performance Based Navigation:
      Wide Area Augmentation System
      LPV Approach
      RNAV, En-route RNP & RNP AR Approaches
  • Controller Pilot Data Link Communication
  • Onboard Maintenance System
  • Datalink, High Speed SATCOM
  • Ka-band high speed internet connectivity (available)
Maximum range 5,200 NM 9,630 km
(Theoretical range with NBAA IFR Reserves,ISA, M 0.85, 8 pax/3 crew. Actual range will be affected by speed, weather, selected options and other factors.)
Top speed 0.89 510 944
Typical cruise speed 0.85 487 902
Airfield Performance
Takeoff distance (SL, ISA, MTOW) 5,540 ft 1,689 m
Landing distance (SL, ISA, MLW) 2,207 ft 673 m
Operating Altitude
Maximum operating altitude 51,000 ft 15,545 m
Initial cruise altitude (MTOW) 41,000 ft 12,497 m
Length 96 ft 10 in 29.5 m
Wingspan 94 ft 0 in 28.7 m
Wing area 1,021 ft2 94.8 m2
Height 25 ft 6 in 7.8 m
Cabin length 40 ft 9 in 12.41 m
(From cockpit divider to most aft cabin without baggage compartment)
Cabin width centerline 7 ft 11 in 2.41 m
Cabin width floorline 6 ft 6 in 1.98 m
Cabin height 6 ft 2 in 1.88 m
Maximum ramp weight 92,750 lb 42,071 kg
Maximum takeoff weight 92,500 lb 41,957 kg
Maximum landing weight 78,600 lb 35,652 kg
Maximum zero-fuel weight 58,000 lb 26,308 kg
Typical basic operating weight 50,861 lb 23,070 kg
Maximum fuel weight 39,250 lb 17,804 kg
Maximum payload 7,139 lb 3,238 kg

All specifications and data are approximate, may change without notice and subject to certain operating rules, assumptions and other conditions. The interior images shown are for information purposes only and may represent some optional configurations. The information contained herein does not constitute an offer, commitment, representation, guarantee or warranty of any kind and the configuration and performance of any aircraft shall be determined in a final purchase agreement.

*In-flight excluding North and South Poles

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